Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Home made black soy juice yogurt

A friend shared with me how to do yogurt. Since I forgot to buy milk, and her recipe works for soy bean juice, so I used black soy bean powder to make some.

Here is how it looks like :)

It is not as thick compared to the first one I made two days ago. I recalled I'd put less black soy bean powder this time, this could be the reason. As for the taste, it has less tofu taste and thus more sour this time. The first one is full of tofu taste and I felt like eating tofu dessert instead of yogurt :)

Here is how I did it using a 250g glass bottle:

1. Fill 1/4 of the bottle with ready made yogurt. I used Nestle Natural Yogurt Set. (Tips: Get yogurt, which is thick and solid. Don't get yogurt drink. Make sure the yogurt is not heat treated or sterilized as these process killed bacteria meaning 'useless yogurt'.).

2. Let the milk (or use soy juice powder to make thick juice. I put 6 full spoon for around 200g water for the first time, 4 full spoon this time) a bit warmer than room temperature, but not too warm as too warm will kill bacteria in turn. (Tips: Yogurt 'bacteria' is not active if it is cold. SN experience is that if the milk is a bit colder than yogurt, only small portion of milk became yogurt.)

3. Cover the bottle/container but don't tighten it. Bacteria need air to grow.

4. Put the bottle at shaded place, stay away from heat. Don't put inside fridge. Bacteria is not active if it is cold and no air.

5. After 6 hours, the yogurt is ready :D I did it in the morning before I go to work, and after around 11 hours when I reach home, it is definitely ready :)

6. You may leave 1/4 of the yogurt and use it for next yogurt production :) Or put into fridge for next use.

Easy right? Thanks SN for the tips :D


**Shih Nyien** said...

Hehe, aspected, with the brownish colour :) how come this time more sour, u use more base yogurt or u let it grow longer? with milk is tastier. but for ppl who don want to get fat or have a weak stomach, i think soy milk is a choice too :D
nice sharing!

mk said...

It is more sour maybe the soy bean juice is less thick compared to first time. I will get milk and try next week, I want to gain weight and hopefully not so slim ;)