Monday, November 23, 2009

UMHB: Chapter 1 - Inspiration from a computer (1)

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What is the Voltage of a human body?

You should what is a Computer [MK: Especially you know how to surf net to read my blog ;) ]. From the perspective of a system, human body is very similar to a computer system. Thus I will use computer as an example to explain root cause of human body disease.

Computer power supply is electricity. Referring to computer user manual, there will usually allowable range for power supply voltage of about 35%. For example, if a computer accepted voltage is 110V, the computer can still works if the voltage supplied is only 70V, which is within the functional range. Oh of course maybe the computer will not perform so well in that case. When the voltage supplied drop to 60V, below the accepted bar, the system will malfunction. For example the hard disc will not spin well. The root cause of low voltage power supply is measurable only using instrument measurement but human eye. If the user only see the hard disc malfunction, will the engineer fix the hard disc or the supplied voltage? The answer is pretty straight forward ;)

In the eye of an electrical engineer, this seems to be very simple problem. A well trained engineer or technician will usually first check the power supply, and will discover that is the actual root cause. When the power supply is adjusted, usually the hard disc will function well.

If the same scenario happen on human body, it is no longer a simple problem. The hard disc is analogue to a human body organ. Let say it is a kidney. Relating to the computer example, here come the question. The first question is: What is the voltage level for a human body? There is no way for us to get that voltage reading. And thus it has no way to proof that there were problem in the energy supply. So if the symptom is the hard disc (kidney) is malfunction, then we will try to fix the hard disc (kidney). So we apply lots of kidney medication, even transplant the kidney although most cases it will not help. In fact, maybe the kidney which get take away could be still functioning well, just it has a symptom it is malfunction.

Because there is no way to measure human body voltage level, which means the development of human body system medication has not even get started. Western medication requires data and scientific proof. Since there is no proof on human body voltage level yet, so current medical fix for the example just now is Fix the kidney but not the human body energy supply. Unfortunately this kind of cure symptom medication is the beliefs by the community now. Then it is not surprising that uremia is a not-curable disease too.

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