Saturday, July 4, 2009

Beijing Da Dong roasted duck 大董烤鸭

After 1.5 months here in Beijing, finally we went to try Beijing Roasted Duck. As recommended by IV, we went to Da Dong Roast Duck 北京大董烤鸭店 located at Dongsishitiao-东四十条.

I tried Wang Fu Jing Quan Ju De Roast Duck 2 years ago, and I still remembered the disappointment :p Thus I did not put high expectationthis time.

When I stepped into the restaurant, I am surprised the environment is very nice. Oh yeah alright, you may say it is so westernize, but I still found it very creative and innovative design. I am only attaching 2 pics here, there are few more but I wish to talk more on the food instead :D

Here come the dishes we ordered:

From top right, counter clockwise:
1) Fried bamboo shoot - I think the taste is special but the guys doesn't seems to like it :p
2) Scallop - It is nice too :D
3) Cod fish in salt - This is really special. The cod fish are wrapped in lotus leaf, then buried in a pot filled with salt. (The fish losts its life, so I used the word buried here :p ) The texture is nice as it is just done. The taste is ... nice, only a word haha.
4) The star of the day, roast duck - The chef will first bring you the whole duck, then they will cut the duck step by step, took around 7 minutes.

For the duck skin, just dip with sugar and eat, it is surprisingly nice and not oily. You can feel it melt in your mouth, although it is not m&m sweet :p As for the duck meat, it is serve with ingredient below:

Follow the same rule:
1) 'Lotus skin' - The skin used to wrap the duck meat.
2) Some sauce and pickle.
3) Biscuit. I will explain more later :D
4) I made these.

There are two way to eat the duck meat, wrap in Lotus skin or biscuit. For Lotus skin, first dip the duck meat with some black color sauce, apply some on the bottom part of Lotus skin, then add some spring onion if you want to, wrap it and that's it. To serve with biscuit, it is even easier. Dip the duck meat with black sauce, put into the hollow biscuit, then put in some cucumber, spring onion, picket and there you go. Either way eating it also nice, as Lotus skin is thin, the biscuit is a bit crunchy.

After that, we'd decided to order some famous local dessert, as the dishes here is so nice, we have more interest on their food :D

Again, our tongue feeling good:

Left to right, top to bottom:
1) Home made tofu - Special but the green herbs is too strong in taste sometimes.
2) 驴打滚 (or in english
3) Riped persimmon in cup - Free dessert from the restaurant. The persimmon so ripe that it is in liquid form in cup.
4) 艾窝窝 (or in english
5) Opps, sorry I forgot the name :p It's red bean paste.
6) 豌豆黄 (or in english

Feeling hungry? ;)

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