Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jun 10 Solana

I know, this is very old story which happened on Jun 10. I was really tide up for the past two weeks, sumimasen :)

From office, we took bus then walked there from a bus stop. It was around 10-15 minutes walking, but I started to get used to walking in Beijing (what a nice phrase, walking in beijing :D ) with laptop on my back sometimes.

It is a huge complex, with shopping mall, distribution center, food street, bar street, and quite nicely decorated environment with lots of different kind of flowers, alike with US complex store in my opinion.

Let's take a quick look, the first photo is a stream next to the complex, then follow by complex entrance, and some of its building.

The guys chosen to try out vegetarian buffet. Well, I always like vegetables but this could be a 'challenge' for them to make such decision :p Some of the dishes are quite good. They also provide a small hot pot for mini-steamboat. Dislike Malaysia vegetarian, there is no imitate-meat here, solely vegetables and fruits :)

After dinner, we spend a few moment to walk around. The environment is cozy, with some breeze, as it is just next to Chao Yang park. And now here come the Solana at night:

Surprised to see Bata at the top left photo? ;) On the bottom left picture, this is a music fountain, smaller scale of Las Vegas Bellagio. Definitely Bellagio is still the best! Guess what, English song is played while the water is dancing. Music were played while there is no show, and we heard only English and Korean song thus far :D

Oh Malaysia oh malaysia, I don't think Bintang Walk can beat this. More room to grow.

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