Monday, July 6, 2009

Nan Luo Guo Xiang 南锣鼓巷

We came here for one main purpose, to try the cheese and yogurt :D

The cheese shop opened at 12pm and it was 10.30am, so we walked around the alley (Hu Tong胡同) and shop a bit :p Some shop is quite unique in renovation, and the items they selling. Some price is reasonable, but most of the price is quite high, tourist spot, no choice :)

Oh we finally see the cheese shop.

As according to other blogger post, the queue is usually long and never stop, well, we will see :D

Next to it is a yogurt shop,

We'd decided to buy yogurt later while queue for the cheese, so let's continue exploring the shops :)

We got back to the cheese shop around 12.30pm, there is people queuing, >10 person in front of me. SN went to get the yogurt while I continue in the queue. Wow, the yogurt is nice, not sweet, thick and smooth. A non-dairy fan like me also think it is good, you can imagine :D

Here is what we got. After that we just stand and eat outside the store, as hard to find a place to seat nearby, and three little table inside the shop are already occupied. I would say the foods are nice, as a lot of people turn their head and looking at us enjoying the food. (or we are too pretty? I also this could not be the answer :p )

From left to right, top to bottom:
1) 双皮奶 - direct translation will be 'Double skin milk' :p it's nice, not very strong milk taste as those in Hong Kong/Macau, not too sweet as well.
2)红豆奶酪 - Red bean cheese, the cheese texture is similar to that of Double Skin Milk, smooth, soft, but surprisingly not strong cheese taste! It is just special we think :D The red bean is soft, a good combination.
3)红豆酸奶(玉脂酸奶铺) - Red bean yogurt. The red bean is not as soft of item 2, but the yogurt is nice :D
4)杏仁豆腐 - Almond tofu. We don't really like it, it taste like almond agar-agar.
5)豆沙奶卷 - Red bean paste milk roll. We don't think this worth the price, if you do have chance to come, skip this :p In addition this is a bit too sweet.

"Black and white band" :p
1)Black: 酸梅汤 Sour plum soup - quite nice, not too sweet.
2)White: 蜂蜜乳清 Honey whey - First time drinking whey, taste okay.

We was hoping to buy 奶酪干(Dry cheese) but it is only available starting from Oct. Well, if we ever have chance to visit here in the future :)

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