Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A surprise :)

Today the 'surprise' has finally reached my apartment :) The person who sent me the 'surprise' was wondered I didn't receive anything for more than 1 week, thus I know that I'm anticipating a letter of surprised :p

Well, I seldom post personal item, but today I just would like to share another surprised come with the 'surprise' :D Look at picture below. It is opened by post office of China, because there is something inside the envelope.

This is the root cause:

The root cause is cute ya. But this cutie has caused the greeting card got tear, luckily I am not expecting cash/cheque :p (I know it is not advisable to send cash in mail :) ) Could this be the reason for the delay? Well anyway, now we learn, security here in China is really tight :)

Last but not least, thanks a bunch to the sender :D Arigato, terima kasih, duo jie, xie xie, ng goi sai, kam siah (hmm, I only know to speak thank you in 7 languages, have to ask friend how to speak that in hakka and other languages :) )


skypaul said...

kamsa hamida, nandri...

nice key chain.

Gaik Ling said...

wow, surprises from a secret admirer? :)

Dash said...

Good reference when you want to say thank you to someone =)
I guess you are eager to go back now to thank the person personally. =D

mk said...

If a married lovely female colleague can be categorized as secret admirer then she is :D

I'd sent my gratitude via MSN. Plan to phone her later :D