Thursday, July 30, 2009

Turkish food

In a raining like cats and dogs evening, we went to Turkish Mum for dinner. This is the only Turkey restaurant in Beijing, as advertised. We met the chef, she probably is a Turkish. After we finished our dinner, a lady looks like restaurant or owner came to our table with the chef, asked if we like the food. They talked to us in English as the waitress know we are from Malaysia. We all gave the same reply that we loved the food, it was really great.

After long talking, here is the food. All description from top left corner, clockwise:

1. Turkey bread with lentil soup. The lentil soup taste is similar to dalcha we used to eat with roti canai except additional fragrant taste, not really sure what taste it that though.
2. Lemon lime mint juice, kind of nice, surprisingly taste similar to Penang 'ketla sumboi' :p
3. Sultan Delights - Very tender mutton with mashed potato. I wish I can find similar mutton in Malaysia :D The best dish of the day.
4. Some appetizer: Minced parsley + onion + don't-know-what-rice, mashed chickpea (if not mistaken), cucumber + cauliflower pickle, salsa-like tomato + onion.

1. Turkish dumpling with yogurt. The dumpling is very small, there are 2 in the spoon, with 1 opened.
2. Beef curry + fragrant rice. The taste it is good. SH said similar dish can be found at Penang padang famous kambing soup.

1. Rice puree with milk. Smooth and nice.
2. Puff, we think this is normal, maybe puff is not so common in Beijing.
3. Turkey red tea, normal red tea.
4. Turkish coffee. Wow, the taste is special, a little bit sour and a little bit of herb taste, best fit for black coffee lover like me. When drink it, have to drink slowly and carefully, to avoid the coffee powder which usually sink at the bottom, more story about this later.
5. Pumpkin pie, can taste it has less flour/cream and more pumpkin natural taste :)

There is some believe about Turkish coffee fortune teller. After finish the coffee, capsize the coffee cup, after a while, your fortune can be read from the coffee powder stick on the coffee cup. Well, we just do it according to the menu instruction. The chef was surprised when she saw this and she thought we know how to tell the fortune. We told her we just follow the instruction and the chef said we were doing it wrongly :p Anyway, just for fun :)

By the way, our stomach is full so we did not order kebab. By the way, the waiter still think we did not order enough and keep asking if we need more. This situation happened at almost all other restaurant where the waiter will said the food we order is very less. Haha, now you can imagine a Beijinger's appetite :)


Mahir's Turkish Coffeehouse said...

Fortune-telling with Turkish coffee is a very old tradition in Turkey.
Although, Turkish coffee is not very popular among young generations, the fortune-telling with coffee is always popular...

mk said...

Thanks for the sharing :)
Just wonder if the fortune-telling with Turkish coffee accurate? For Chinese fortune teller using palm or other method, some is accurate but not all.