Saturday, July 11, 2009

Food is not all, episode 3

Welcome back. Welcome to mk channel on Not Only Food of Beijing. Today we will be watching episode 3. Today there are 3 highlights after catching with more information on Beijing with local colleague after lunch:

1) Buying asset in Beijing.
All houses in Beijing regardless landed or not, are Lease hold. Yes all are lease hold. What number would you guess for the lease period? 99? It is 50 or 70. Surprised? Assuming you buy a house at age 25, if you live longer than 75 years, what will happen? Nobody know for now, as no real case has occurred. We will know after more tenth years :) Renting a house in Beijing could be cheaper than buying it, although you rent it for whole life. But people are still urge in getting own house, mostly due to family and children education registration.

2) Nursery
Guess how much a 3 years old kid nursery cost? A colleague spend RMB 1900 every month for his kid. Not only that, every year need to pay sponsorship fee, in his case is RMB 10K, some is RMB 20K. Expensive isn't it. This could be due to the marketing strategy that newer generation family can only has 1 kid, thus the parents will spend as long as they can afford, although a bit more expensive.

3) Fraud case
"Congratulations Mrs A. This is B from XX Bank. We are glad to inform you that you had won a 20K prices from our bank ...." Sounds familiar? This kinda fraut case are common here. My colleague were surprised that those call reach oversea to Malaysia when I told them. With the ease of communication nowadays, everything can happen 'globally' :p Of course, there are more incident of fraud case. For example, don't ever reply to any miss call, you will get charged a lot. And also, if you get any banker saying that your recent transaction has failed, and need to do something, better go to the bank branches to verify instead of talking on the phone. Some even use voice encoder/decoder to mimic other's voices.

Thank you for selecting mk channel, stay tune.

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