Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Food is back

It has been a while for food :D I will slowly upload those :)

One of the nice Japanese food we had is at Matsuko.

Let's do some light reading today, from left -> right, top -> bottom.

1) Egg roll - The roll melted in your mouth :) Not really sure what is the filling but it is soft and taste good, except the fish roe is a bit salty (well, most of the fish roe we had here is salty, regardless the size)
2) Cold appetizer - I did not tried anyone of those, the dinner mate said the tofu is good.
3) Tepanyaki beef - Taste okay, although it is a bit well cooked but we wish it to be medium well. (Here they use number to represent cook level, 1 to 10 with 10 is well done.)
4) Ramen - The soup base is nice and not salty.

1) Stuffed shitake mushroom with chicken - A bit different from Yong Tao Fu, this is more Japanese style grilled, not fried.
2) Pumpkin ball with almond - Very nice with sour plum sauce :)
3) Tiramisu cake - I grade this as good here in Beijing thus far, with some alcohoc taste at the bottom :D, better than a French restaurant we took at SanLiTun
4) Apple cheese cake - Not much apple.

On our way back, we saw the lady appeal for money again. She looks young and always hiding her face. The first time we saw here was at the pedestrian flyover, about 1 month ago. Apparently I would categorized this as fraud case now as she is still here after few weeks.

Anyway, I wish not to disclose her information by highlighting herself in a black box.

Can you see the white color words in front of her? In short it means: "I am in trouble, hope to get your RMB 8 donation, so that I can eat and go back to my hometown" Those are the same words we first saw her at the flyover, except this time it specify RMB 8.

Will you donate? ;)

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