Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jun 23 Xiang Sheng 相声

One of the traditional cultural event is called Xiang Sheng 相声. With the help of my local colleague to buy tickets from 淘宝网 (this is similar to eBay, accept only local bank credit card), SN and I went visit the show at night. We watch the show at DeYunShe 德云社. The actual show schedule will be out an hour before the show start, but it really doesn't matter for me, as I guess very low percentage I can meet 郭德纲先生 :)

The ticket cost RMB 80, from 7.15 to 10.15pm. There are cheaper tickets by RMB 10 or 20, but since I plan to go only once, just get a nice location and enjoy the show better for one. As advice by colleauge, choosen the second row from the stage, as it is closer to the stage and yet the neck will be more comfortable :)

The tickets on second floor is more expensive as those are partitioned, but according to my colleauge, the second-forth middle row table is usually the best location. I truely appreciate her opinion as went I walked to restroom at the middle of the show, some details are hard to be heard at the back. The hall was around 80% full, although it was a weekday :) No outside food is allowed, some snack and tea are available for order.

I was surprised the show started on time. There were 7 performance in total. The first one is RaoKouLing 绕口令, then follow by all XiangSheng. Through out the night, KuaiBan 快板 was used to add some tempo effect.

The performer using KuaiBan in RaoKouLing. It was about 20 min long, admire his memory :p

For next 6 performance, the trend is usually one person talk the most and lead the flow, the other person is mostly 'question-guy'. There are few styles in partnering in XiangSheng, I am not sure about the details, may google more if you are interested :D I guess Ah Bao Ge will probably know some also.

The first XiangSheng is about... Oh I really have no idea how to introduce the performance details haha, scratching my head to think. Scratching...


Still, scratching...

still, scratching...

Hmm, I'd decided to give few keyword of each performance, as those script can be found online most probably :)

2. 喷水变龙. Both person shared similar role and the performance is quite interesting, as shown in picture below:

The fat guy expression is so funny :D

3. 当然
4. 朋友
5. 聚宝盆
6. 唱当
7. 诗词

I enjoy show number 1, 2, 5 6 and 7 better :D

The mandarin is still understandable, although there are still some terms which not really sure the actual meaning :)

Ah Bao Ge, you go watch by yourself if you ever make your trip to Beijing lar :p


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Ah bao, I forgot to mention the seat, referring to probably 6&7 is the best. 1-4 is too front, 5 & 8 is not so center :p As for back seat, sometimes it might not be too clear, unless they improved the sounds system in the future :D