Saturday, July 4, 2009

Food is not all episod 2

Recently read a software web UI design article. If user never complaint about your website for commercial transaction, that is probably a good sign. It indirectly means the web interface is design quite well so that use is able to complete the transaction without much difficulties/complaints.

But there are something that I found is good here in Beijing, by realizing it so much, after staying here for almost 2 months.

The street name sign board here is well structured. It is very similar to US, with direction (north/south/east/west) on the street name sign board. There are both Chinese name and English name available. If I want to be picky, I would say the alphabetical system can be improved. For example, a road name 建国门外 Jian Guo Men Wai will usually be concatenated with small letters became Jianguomenwai, which I found it sometimes is harder to read. It will probably easier to be read if written as JianGuoMenWai. Hmm, I always hope Malaysia street name sign board can be improved, have to count on Vision 2020?

The public transport is good too. Most of the places are connected by bus, with very cheap bus fare. Some of the bus route is only RMB 0.40 per trip regardless of the distance, if using the touch card! Currently MRT is RMB 2 per trip, regardless of number of connection and distance too. There is always room for improvement :) Some MRT station is too far away from bus stop. If both system are connected then it will be even better :D Oh talking about the touch card, it is both usable at bus and MRT, even in KFC! When is our Touch N' Go really go into the role?

People here is still family centric. They spend a lot of time with their family. This could be due to they can have only one child. Nevertheless, can frequently see family gathering in the park.

There are more cultural activities here as well :D In the park, there are people who practice traditional arts e.g. tai chi, caligraphy, 踢毽子; choral, dancing and lots more. There are quite a few of theatre here hosting a lot of cultural show e.g. musical show and opera. I will share my water cube swan lake experience later :D

Another I like is of couse book, the local published book is really cheap, half the price than Malaysia. Unfortunately not all chinese book are available especially taiwanese book. I heard english book is expensive.

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