Friday, July 24, 2009

国家大剧院之旅 A tour to National Center for the Performing Arts

I am a lazy person, sometimes :p so I will just use 'national theater' to represent National Center for the Performing Arts.

It is just next to Tian An Men West. I saw this egg when I was at Jing Shan park also. It can be easily reach by MRT, and buses. Very convenient public transport system here, especially if compared to that of my motherland :)

If you ever heard people said it is very pack inside MRT, let me give you a chance to see it.

I was one of the 'sardin' inside the coach :D

This is the entrance to the theatre.

To go in, we need to walk pass a 'underwater path way'. Look at picture below, will you guess it looks a bit like swimming pool? This theater is surrounded by water. The swimming lane like area is some glass to let some sunlight to go into the walkway. We need to walk pass this underwater walk way to get into the building.

This is the walk way inside the building.

Unfortunately I do not have much chance to take picture. This building is in oval shape, with one big hall in the middle, then another two halls at each end. The left is the center hall we watched Red Cliff :) There were some exhibition about the theatre, with the theatre proposal model, history and arts behind. I learnt from there the ceiling are constructed by high quality brazilian wood, looks unique eh.

Another uniqueness is the floor/wall tiles. There are few different kind of marble being used. I forgot those name :p There are three types of marble in picture below, 2 on the floor and one for the wall. There are few more which I just didn't have chance to take a shot :)

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