Saturday, December 4, 2010

Melbourne trip (Day 1 Story 6) YHA Phillip Island, Australia

After Churchill Island, we drove to YHA Phillip Island for check-in. We rented a double private bathroom room at AUD 95. Due to low peak season, the manager upgraded our room to family private bathroom without us request it. Thanks to the kind manager :)

The office.

I just figured I have not take picture on the outlook of the unit.Anyway, here is how it looks inside the unit.

The master bedroom with double bed and a wardrobe.

Second room with triple decker bed.

The kitchen equipped with basic cooking utility and cutlery.

The bathroom.

I love the unit, it also has a small living room with a small dining table.

On next day morning, we go to the common dining hall for breakfast. It is near the common kitchen. If you are renting just room with no kitchen, you may use the common kitchen.

Typical western breakfast food was served. Milk, cereal, juice, bread, jam, some fruit.

After finish, one should clean their own plate and cup at the kitchen. It's a backpacker hostel, you get the room at lower price. If you use the utility, you have to clean it :) Fair enough. So if you have not stay in backpacker hostel before, please keep this in mind :)

Phillip Island Amaroo Park YHA
Address: 97 Church Street, Cowes 3922, Victoria, Australia
Phone: (+613) 5952 2548


Jane from Office Cleaning Melbourne said...

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I’m so glad that I’ve stumbled upon this post really helped me a lot,

Thanks again.

Unni said...

Hi MK,

It has been great reading your travel itinerary for Melbourne. I will be visiting Melbourne in April and my itinerary is quite similar to yours. Would like to enquire though on how much did it cost you for the rental car's fuel at the end of your trip. Do hope to hear from you on this. Thanks!

mk said...

Hi Unni,

For my melbourne trip, it cost around AUD 60 in total. However, when I purchase the car rental I opted for buy full return empty, so AUD 60 has not include the one tank petrol I bought from Hertz.
I recommend to buy full return full because:
1. Outside petrol price should be cheaper than car rental's.
2. When we return, because we were worried the car run out of petrol in the middle, so we did pump more and it was not really empty when we return. If to be calculative, we donated some petrol to Hertz. Petrol station should be easy to find before you return your car, so return full is not hard to do.

So at the end it may cost slightly more if you buy full return full.

Besides, if the fuel price in Australia remains :p

For my tasmania trip, it cost ~ AUD 40.

Gabz said...
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Gabz said...


I cant find YHA Amaroo Park. I only can find YHA Sorrento. Any idea where you can find?

My intention was to drive to YHA Sorrento after watching the penguin parade, at night. Is the road dangerous to drive at night?

mk said...

Hi Gabz,

You may find amaroo park here

I drove to Aschombe Maze first before to Sorrento, thus I cannot comment on the road condition for Phillip Island to Sorrento directly.

However, in my GPS settings, I have not avoid unpaved road, thus sometimes it lead me to use some unpaved road which took narrow road up and down going through hills. If your GPS has options to avoid unpaved road, I believe the road conditions should be alright if you can afford to drive at night and be extra careful. Care and diligence bring luck :)