Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Melbourne trip (Day 2 Story 1) Koala Conservation Center, Phillip Island, Australia

On next day morning, after checked-out Phillip Island YHA, we drove to Koala Conservation Center. It was a cloudy day.

Another press-a-penny :)

The ticket is included in our 3 park pass. I am glad to learn yesterday penguin parade information from the officer :)

Go to the Koala Boardwalk from this door.

There are maps on the track, don't worry, you won't get lost :) There are two boardwalks: Koala Boardwalk and Woodland Boardwalk. We can see just 1 or 2 koala on the tree top in Woodland Boardwalk. We managed to see more in Koala Boardwalks. Again, binocular could be useful here :) If time permitted, you may check out the feeding time schedule and watch it. We didn't.

Beside koala, there are birds, echidna, wallabies and maybe some other wild life too. We managed to see one wallaby and many birds.

Here you go, the koala. He looks like he has red eye, isn't it. Koala is inactive for almost 20 hours a day. They conscious time is very short.

A female koala.

I can't recognize if this is male or female.

He doesn't need lullaby to sleep tight :)

It was cloudy, I have to set high exposure to snap the koala at the tree top.

Lot's of other birds on the tree.

When we got into our car, it started to rain, lucky us :) We spent around 1-1.5 hours here.
When we crossed the bridge to San Remo, we were stopped by the police car. Don't worry, they stop every car, seems like some important vehicle is coming. After waited for around 5-10 minutes, we saw a car with recording equipment coming, should be video filming :) After that, we head to Aschombe Maze and Lavender Gardens.

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