Friday, December 31, 2010

Melbourne trip (Day 3 Story 2) Some general info of Great Ocean Road

We reached Queenscliff around a 10am. We decided to skip Geelong to save 30 min drive, and we are satisfied with San Francisco and Sausalito pier. For this rushing trip, reach hotel earlier and early rest is important too.

A map from

We followed the driving instruction given by visitor center to look for cheaper fuel price. The advice, usually the first petrol station after jetty is the most expensive. Well, if you are running out of fuel, you have no choice. Just drive and follow the road sign board to Great Ocean Road, we found one reasonable fuel price 20 minutes later.

Finally, it starts here.

Along the way of Great Ocean Road, there are many town/stop with this information mark. Feel free to take your time to read. Unfortunately we do not read much :p I think one day tour of Great Ocean Road doesn't give much chance to know this bay deeper. In our day driving tour, we managed to reach Warrnambool around 7pm, or 8pm? I cannot remembered, *mm*.

Along the way, there are visitor information center and toilet as well. No worries ;)

At Apollo Bay visitor center, there is a map showing distance and estimated driving time of few spots. Before the trip, I surf on google map to get an estimated driving distance. For those who didn't, this is a very good reference.

I am not sure what is the best time to visit Great Ocean, morning, afternoon or evening? If you are planning to go, maybe surf a bit will be useful. In our trip, the weather was sunny in the morning, then cloudy with some showering rain in the afternoon and evening.

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