Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pulau Payar Daytrip Story 2 - On the searoad

Pulau Payar is 19 nautical miles south of Pulau Langkawi and 32 nautical miles north of Penang island. For the boat we took, it took around 2 hours to reach. There are other type of boat, which take 1 hour 15 minutes and 4 hours respectively lol.

If you have sea sick, it is advised to take some sea sick pill after food, half an hour before departing. Maybe different sea sick pill has different instruction, read the instruction before consume. Or else your body will feel terribly uncomfortable. Another tips, if someone vomit and you smell it, cover your nose or smell something else.

This is inside Zon 2 boat that we took, with TV for you to spend your time.

Looking for drink? The price is marked at the can.

Nature call? No worries, you need not dive into sea water, there are rest room. Watch out when you are in restroom. The boat could be 'bumpy' (what is the correct word?) if there is wave. Sometimes when I was walking, I felt like I am dancing jive lol.

Goodbye Penang.

We can go up to the cabin for sightseeing.

Use this staircase to reach the cabin. It is closed sometimes, depending on weather condition.

If you feel sea sick, the good thing to do is take a nap!
Okay, see you later :)


neyna pathi said...

how much the boat fare to payar island and snorkeling charges?

mk said...

Hello. Hope this link will be useful. http://www.langkawicoral.com/tour-services.php