Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pulau Payar Daytrip Story 6 - Beach

Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho :D

Let's continue with Pulau Payar story :p

After lunch, we took a small boat to the beach. No worries, no taxi fee is needed :p

There are three type of boat, some with shade and some doesn't. Choose either one, the journey to the beach is short, just a few minutes.

Look at the clear water.

Oh it is baby shark.

The information center is closed.

The tour guide Jaf show us how he catch the fish, for us to take closer shot.

We have to be quick to take the photo, Jaf will return the fish to where it belong to while the fish is still alive.

He later when to get some sea cucumber. This is not edible. The edible species came out only at night time. However, Pulau Payar is a protected island, no fish catching activities is allowed. Tourist is now allowed to overnight there as well, to protect the island.

The sea cucumber is soft. Can you see the water? :) Jaf keep the sea cucumber wet to keep them alive, before returning to the sea.

Did you notice Jaf left hand ring finger looks a little bit different? He was bitten by the shark once. He has a lot of stories to tell. According to him, if you wish to play with the shark, don't keep it more than 2 min, after that the shark will start attack you. Of course there are technique on how to 'play' with the shark :p If you get bitten by shark or moray, don't move, don't give any response. Usually their first bite is to test if the 'bitee' (is there such a word? :p) is alive. If they receive no response, they will let go and go away. Otherwise, here the attack.

More on the beach and other living species here tomorrow :) Have a good day.

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