Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pulau Payar Daytrip Story 6 - Beach, still

Jaf has a lot of story to tell, and I enjoyed his story. I am able to know more about Pulau Payar in that way. Different individual has different travel preference. When I visit a new place, I love to know how people there live, what is their culture, and try to live their lifestyle :)

If you love hiking, there is a short hiking trail of around 168 step. Since it was a rainy day, we are not advise to hike to avoid snake.

At the beach, there are lot of reef, with different shape and color.

Look at picture below, what do you see?

Does it looks like a human face covering his mouth using hand? :)

There are few resort building on this island. However, the resort never started its operation after government (or state government? ) want to preserve its nature and disallow overnight activities here. Jaf said these building were build based on resort in Jurassic Park movie. The yellow color is for royal family. However, sometimes government servant can come for short trip.

I just love the clear water, clean beach here :) If I have a day here, I can lie down at the beach and do nothing, beside enjoy the nature.

Look, mosses by the beach! I hope I can stay here and enjoy the fresh air!

Look at picture above, seashell. What else do you see? There is a fake seashell in there, can you spot it? ;) Hope no other pollutant beside this :p

Do you know what is this?

Can you see the crab? Thanks to JC pointed these sea creature to us on our way back to the jetty. Or else I would have missed it at high possibility :p

From this beach, we can see Alor Star tower at far away. Far far away tower. I have not include the picture here, it looks nothing in this small picture :p Show you full resolution photo one day and you can see it better ;)

At the day we visit, there are two other travel group, one local and one from China. Well, you can easily differentiate them using just your ears to detect the sound level :p This place is commonly for local tourist, it is not so famous for foreigner yet. Sometimes there will be cleaning underwater activities where foreigner will join and help :)

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