Saturday, December 18, 2010

Melbourne trip (Day 2 Story 4) Sorrento

We got a map from the YHA staff. Then we decided to visit Back Beach first.

We saw quite a number of cars at the beach, but just two of us walking. Well, there is a walking trail, maybe people went to the walking trail. The wind is strong, the weather is cold. After a short while, we can see more sea gull flying on top of us. I don't know but I started to worry the sea gull will crap my camera, so we quickly walk back to our car. Then only we realize a lot of people actually sit inside the car while watching the scenery. Now I understand why I can hardly see people walking at the beach :)

After that, we drove to the small town. It is a small town and mostly are visitor, so the food is not cheap.

We bought some chinese food for take away from The Chinaman's Hat. Well, if I feel very cold, I wish to have some hot food. I am surprised to know that for dining in, one have to pay AUD 2 (or AUD 4? I cannot remember the exact amount, I know is at least AUD 2) per dish. Well okay, so we decided to stay with original plan, take away. We are suppose to be on backpacker budget trip :p

My sister and I speak cantonese in our conversation, and I hear the cashier speak cantonese to the kitchen too. However, the cashier is not friendly to us. Even the Thank you from her mouth is not sincere. I can tell from her voice and face. She smiled and say Thank you very much to the other diners (who is westerner) but she is stingy to show us her smile at all. Is she worried I will asked for discount or job so that she has to show 'black face' to us? For the other western country I visited (if includes the business trip, more than 10 western countries) , asian usually treat asian the same, and sometimes we will star to chat in mandarin or cantonese, to have some feel of home. Anyway, I am fine, just a little disappointed. I live my life happily and she is just a small dust blow away by the wind, in my life journey :) This is one of the reason I love to travel in just t-shirt and jeans/khakis with sport shoe, usually it is more interesting :)

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