Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Melbourne trip (Day 3 Story 1) Sea road and Queenscliff

It took less than 10 min from YHA Sorrento to Sorrento pier. We took ferry to Queenscliff to start our Great Ocean Road trip. It costs us AUD63 for a vehicle less than 5.5m with 2 passengers. Visit Queenscliff - Sorrento Searoad website for cost calculator.

We wait in front of the pier before they start sold the ticket. 5 min before the ferry depart, the ticket counter is opened. There are very less car in the morning in this low peak season.

We drove to the ticket counter and paid, then straight drive into the ferry to wait for departure. There are two sides, one contains 3 lanes. It was half full before the ferry depart.

The trip took around 40 minutes. We walked up to the cabin for sight seeing.

Look at the wave pattern caused by the ferry.

There is cafe and TV inside the ferry too. One newspaper is given free when we purchased the ticket, so we can do some reading during the trip.

After we arrived at Queesncliff, we went to the visitor center for information. Follow the yellow i sign and there is the visitor center.

The staff gave us some map, and also directions to the cheaper petrol station. Besides, if you are going to surf, you may find the tides information here as well. We were early and the information is still yesterday.

Great Ocean Road, here we come.


Connie said...

hahaha! we followed the reverse direction. I took ferry from Queenscliff to Sorrento.

tailow said...

i used to drove from melbourne to geelong, than d great ocean road, port champbell, warnambool,n lastly ended in adelaide. but that was 24 yrs ago when i was in monash uni.......
i still can remember how beautiful d scenery at tat time, so now, i really cannot wait to see yr coming photos......hope yr trip will be as beautiful as what in my memories....

mk said...

Connie, if we were traveling on the same day and similar timing, we can use binocular to see each other on the searoad *chuckle*

tailow, I believe it will still be as beautiful :)

all, Happy new year 2011 :)