Monday, December 20, 2010

Pulau Payar Daytrip Story 1 - Departure

If you have a weekend near Penang, beside Penang beach, where would you go for seaside activities? If you have a day and looking for snorkeling activities, maybe you can consider to visit Pulau Payar.

After staying in Penang for more than eight years, finally I made a visit to Pulau Payar Marine Park on last Sunday, with a few friends. We joined Langkawi Coral’s “Travel with a Green Heart Campaign to Rainforest of the Sea Discovery in Pulau Payar.

In the early morning, we parked our car near Fort Cornwallis and Jubilee Tower, as marked as blue x in google map snapshot below. It cost RM 7 per entry for Pulau Payar day trip. Oh and we need to pay before enterring the car park. Get your cash ready, don't be like me who forgot where my purse was in backpack in the car trunk. *blush*

Up to last Sunday, the entrance is at red x, not the main entrance of Sweettenham Pier below. It is always good to double check with your travel agent before the trip.

This is the entrance for Pulau Payar trip. It is next to Pusat Penerangan Pelancongan, which is Tourist Information Center.

The boat depart at 8.15am. Before we depart, the tour guide will put a wrist band on everybody hand. It is an identification. It won't break easily, and it is waterproof. My hand looks fair, when Jafri the tour guide help me to put on the band :p 阿Q一番

We then walked to the pier for departure. Look at the sky, I hope there is no rain... You will know in later post, stay tuned :)

Our boat, Zon 2. Here we go, Pulau Payar.

*Australia Melbourne trip story will be on hold until the Pulau Payar stories finish showing :)
In Malay: Minta maaf, program Australia Melbourne tergendala sementara sehingga program Pulau Payar habis.

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