Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pulau Payar Daytrip Story 4 - Snorkeling at Pulau Payar

Do you know how to swim? I don't. Probably this is the reason I have not visit Pulau Payar although I stay in Penang for more than 8 years. Okay, probably that's not the reason. I guess a lot of Penangnite have not visited Pulau Payar although they stayed for longer years than I do ;)

If you do not know how to swim, and you happen to be in Pulau Payar reef platform, visit their underwater viewing tunnel, to see some coral and fish. This is the entrance.

The tunnel is not long. I would recommend to visit it in the morning, there are more fish at that time.However, the tunnel is just on the platform, we can visit anytime we want :)

Some coral.

After that, we prepared for snorkeling! If you do not know how to swim, like me. No worries, we can easily float with life jacket. Beside, on this platform, there is a small platform for you to stand/sit, to practice snorkeling. This is it after they put it back after the snorkeling activities. This is available in both side of the reef platform. For me, I stayed in this small platform for all the time *devil lol* And, I enjoyed, you will know why soon :)

Snorkeling mask and life jacket are provided. If you have short sighted and need power mask, they do provide as well. A fair amount of deposit, if not mistaken is RM 200, the deposit will be refund upon returning the mask.

If you love scuba diving, there is a practice floor for beginner, about 7m deep. After that, one can dive further from the island, which is around 20m deep.

Our tour guide Jafri, worked here on and off for around 15 years. He told us a lot of stories, I found those interesting, okay, I love stories :) Before we start snorkeling, he shared some snorkeling tips with us:
1. Don't step on coral/fish/string ray. This is to preserve the nature, and also to protect us human being as well.

2. The sea urchin there is not poisonous, however, it is painful if it hit you and stick on your body. There was one Hong Kong visitor where the jellyfish stick onto his back, follow the spine line. They scratched their head and can never imagine how that visitor got into that situation, could he be snorkeling or sun bathing by facing up? *chuckle* Anyway, if the sea urchin stick to your skin, tell the tour guide or worker there. They will use slipper to hit on the sea urchin until it let go from you.

3. There are first aid kid and doctor on duty, on the platform, any injury, report to the staff there immediately.

If you do not know how to wear the mask, don't be shy to ask for guidance. Time for snorkeling :)

If you wish to get closer with the fish, you may also bring white bread to feed the fish, lots of fish will come to you. Get ready with an underwater camera if you would love to take some shot :)

It was with shower rain sometimes, but majority still excited for snorkeling, so we did :) The sea water is warm although it was not a sunny day.

SP start to feed the fish :D Both of us do not know how to swim, but we have had very good time feeding the fish :D

Look at the colorful fish. They are aggressive. The bread gone in less than 60 seconds, faster than Fast and Furious :p Beside, NS has an old cut at his leg and the fish bite all the newly grow skin, left just the cut, aggressive fish for fish spa :p

Don't cross the border line. After the border line it will be at visitor own risk.

Look at picture below.

What's special beside scuba diving equipment? Have you watch Kung Fu panda before? SH and I think the divers looks like the Kung Fu panda :p


zemien said...

I think he was talking about jellyfish but sea urchins that are not poisonous but you have to beat out the thorns!

mk said...

I refer to my notes and it was written jelly fish, but I recalled now it should be sea urchin which looks alike rambutan. Thanks for the correction :)