Thursday, December 16, 2010

Melbourne trip (Day 2 Story 3) YHA Sorrento

When we drove to Sorrento, the GPS was set to use shortest path. Some of the road is narrow which is not a problem for Penang driver, and some looks like below, where we have to give way if there is car from opposite direction. Until now I do not understand why the road is built in such a way, anyway, always pay attention to road sign while driving will keep you safe :)

We fill up the tank whenever we see the petrol price is not too high. From our observations, the petrol price is very expensive at rural area, but it will become cheaper when getting closer to the town, and then the price will rise a little when in town. So it is not true to say everything in town is cheaper.

Sorrento is a small town by the bay. We checked-in to YHA Sorrento before explore more. We rented a double private bathroom at AUD 90.

I have the same Ikea chair at home too :)

There is a natural light source in the bathroom. I guess we cannot do this in Malaysia unless it is a very high floor building :p

The common kitchen. Again, after you use it, clean it.

The comfortable common living room.

The dining table.

We can put our food on the rack. Usually there will be instruction e.g. write your name, date of food and etc. This is to ease the staff to clean the food if one forgotten to. For backpacker hostel, usually there will be common share food, which other visitor left. We contributed ours at the last backpacker hostel we stayed.

Only 3 rooms were occupied during our stay.


Yi Yang 毅阳 said...

the room looks comfortable oh...

Connie said...

Youth Hostel seems not bad. Are you YH member now?

mk said...

Yang, it is comfortable. Unfortunately the heater is not strong enough, a bit cool in there.
Connie, yup, I am the member now :)