Saturday, October 3, 2009

2009-08-24 (2) Manohara Hotel, Borobudur

We reached Manohara before the checked-in time. After took the breakfast at their restaurant, we left the luggage with receptionist and went to visit Borobudur.

Before the story of Borobudur, I would like to introduce this hotel. Again, not hotel promotion nor agent here, just would like to share the experience staying here :D

We stayed for 2D 1N here, and entitled for unlimited free entry to Borobudur Temple on both Aug 24 and Aug 25, during temple visiting hour. It costs IDR 115K (~RM 412) for 2 rooms. I think the price is reasonable. Entrance to Borobudur is USD 11 per person for a day pass. For 4 persons it will be USD 44 (~ RM 154). Now I got 2 days unlimited access, which I can always go back to hotel to rest, and go visit the temple again anytime within the visiting hour, so I think is worth to stay in this hotel :D One thing I missed was taking night shot of Borobudur, I had tripod with me, but I just forgot :|

By the way, there is a free internet access kiosk next to receptionist *chuckle*

Without talking too much, let's take a look at this hotel :)

[Click on picture for clearer version]

The room is not big, but we felt it is comfortable. The door lock is up to hotel standard *chuckle*.

No offense but when I look at the bathroom, I was hurray-ing in my heart, hotel standard bathroom, finally :p

I always like room with balcony here :D At night, I sit here and enjoy the environment, starry night, a bit cooling breeze and charged up with some Borobudur power :D

The room building.

Breakfast place, there is another dining hall next to it for lunch and dinner. You can see Borobudur from here.

Entrance to Manohara Hotel from Borobudur Temple. The gate will be closed at non-visiting hour.

Manohara Hotel is within the Borobudur Park compound area. At anytime, you may request a map from the receiption counter.


pooityng said...

please let me know where u book manohara at IDR115k. i am planing a trip there on 28/12 to 29/12, appreciate if u can email me at
thank you....

mk said...

Hi, I reserved via Unfortunately I was unable to locate the actual link from yogyes just now. When I tried google, I got a Opps cannot be found error, that link seems to have gone!? Anyway, you may try email them at This is the email address I used to communicate with them.

I get IDR 575K for one room, 2 rooms for IDR 115K.

Hope this help :D