Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dragon? 龙来也?

On Oct 8, there is an asteroid explosion over Indonesia, raises fears about Earth's defenses.

Looking at the youtube video above, if this happened during ancient time, could the large dust cloud with daylight fireball be the white Dragon in Chinese ancient story beliefs? Especially the fireball reminded me of some dragon drawing which the dragon is able to 'spit' fire. Furthermore, if this happened at beach, could that be the origin of Neptune of ancient Chinese story? Interesting eh ;) Luckily the earth is save from this incident, or else Armageddon will become true :)

小行星在印尼上空爆炸‧烟尘如巨龙空中盘旋。看到youtube的报导,想到如果这个情景发生在古时候,那弯曲白烟会不会就是传说中的白龙呢?龙的传说是否就此来的呢? 那火球是否就像传说中在喷火的巨龙呢?而如果发生在海边的话,是否就变成了海龙王的故事呢?有趣吧 :) 不过幸亏这次我们逃过这个大难,否则大家此刻可能已经烟飞灰灭了。感恩。

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