Saturday, October 10, 2009

2009-08-25 (5) Ibis Hotel

On our way back to Yogyakarta town, the driver asked if we would like to stop by silver shop. We skipped it :) We also skipped Prambanan temple and Mendut. You can see Mendut on your way to Borobudur. As for Prambanan temple, after referring to some friends who had been to Angkor Wat too, we decided to skip it.

Another we found out funny for our trip is, the cost of hotel room rate versus the food price we paid is always in opposite ratio. When we first reached Bali, the food price is more expensive on the first day, and decreased from day to day. But the hotel room rate we stay is getting more and more expensive haha. Maybe that's how it get balanced :p

In fact, staying in Manohara Hotel is not expensive in my point of view, because it includes the entrance fee to Borobudur temple. The food there also not as expensive as that in Bali.

A night stay in Ibis is IDR 460K excluding breakfast (~RM 164) per room.

It is a modern good hotel, needless to mention, the security e.g. door lock is modern style :)

View from the hotel room:

(Big antenna again :D )

This hotel located at Jalan Malioboro, and is just next to Malioboro Mall, which we think is very convenient. More on Jalan Malioboro and Malioboro Mall in coming blog post, stay tuned ;)

Before we say goodbye today, I just would like to share the pink color Toyota Vios taxi :D If you are Malaysian, I believe you will get the message I tried to convey ;)

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