Sunday, October 25, 2009

Serenity 用宁静心拥抱世界

Extracted from a forwarded email, content by Sheng Yan Fa Shi, illustrated by Miss Zhao Ting Ru.

Hug the world, with serenity.

Our mind mastering us, it is powerful. We should be aware of our thoughts from time to time.

We deal with a lot of people everyday. Argument and conflict is unavoidable. There are other external factors affect our mind, which interrupted our heart's serenity.

It requires a lot of wisdom to keep one's serenity, which is not easy to be achieved.

When we stand on top of the hill or at the beach, the open ended view open up our mind and heart, keep us stayed away from hectic of a living.

So there is a saying, The world is the size of your heart/mind.

Our heart and mind, can be as huge as the field, ocean or sky, to accommodate more things, and unlimited freedom.

"If one's heart/mind is closed, the bitter his/her will be. A open and happy mind will turn bitter into sweetness in life"
In Zen, 平常心 (direct translation will be Common Heart, it means Act Normal) means we are very clear of our environment. Its good and bad. Its beauty and ugly. Its true and false. But we are not affected by all those. Our mind will not influenced by the situation.

When one's mind is cannot be influenced easily, his/her mind will be peaceful, and understand himself/herself very well. He/She is very clear on what can be done, what cannot be done, what should be done, what should not be done. This is what we call Wisdom.

To keep a serene mind, do not let the environment influence your mind.

The easiest way to do so is to pay attention to our breathing, the nose condition when we inhale/exhale. Pay attention to our feeling. As long as we focus on our body feeling, the heart will be calmed down.

Worry is not bad thing to do, in fact, it cultivates a calmed mind.

If we have wisdom to handle our life, our mind will be always calmed. No matter where we are, what we are doing, we can be self-controlled, calmed and relax.

Close your eyes and think, can things be better if you were calm? Were you easily affected by people surrounded? Were you get angry/annoyed by trivial issue?.
"If we can't accommodate other, we have not enough love.
If we can't accommodate ourselves, we have not enough wisdom."

Chinese text by Sheng Yan Fa Shi, illustrated by Miss Zhao Ting Ru.

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