Monday, October 5, 2009

2009-08-24 (4) Sunset at Borobudur, Yogyakarta

We took an afternoon nap after lunch, as we were tired of woke up early to catch the morning flight. Around 4pm, we went to Borobudur again hoping to get a nice sunset view. In this season, sun usually set around 5.15pm, at least by 5.30pm. No entry to the temple is allowed after 5pm, and all visitor need to leave by 5.30pm, except those who bought the sunset package which cost IDR 120K (~RM 43).

Before I forget, it is always good to prepare umbrella/cap when visiting Borobudur Temple. Unlike Angkor Wat, there is very few shady place.

There were clouds, but don't worry, it usually won't rain as according to the locals, it is dry season (musim kemarau) now. If you can notice Borobudur temple at the bottom ;)

I sit near the main stupa while waiting for the sunset. I felt calm, while watching the sunset with nice scenery around that area.

I didn't manage to get more nicer sunset shot, except those captured in my brain memory, hopefully I can still recalled one day in the future.

If you leave the temple before 5pm, there is a shorter path back to Manohara Hotel. After that, the gate will be closed, and we need to make a bigger round to go back to the hotel. Once we got to the exit, there were a lot of hawkers bringing a lot of different souvenirs e.g. key chain, Borobudur miniature and etc and follow us closely to hope for a sale. Souvenir for myself now is mostly photo and postcard, so I didn't stop for souvenirs :) I read from some forum you may negotiate the price, but usually the price at Mendut temple is more favorable.

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