Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Everyday is a unique day :)

Everyday has special meaning to different people :) Since I realize the meaning of 母难日 from a Buddhism camp, I seldom have the idea of having birthday party or huge celebration. On the contrary, I felt real wishes from family and friends will keep my heart warmer :)

This year, there are wishes from the IM, sms, email and people greeting, from east to west, from south to north, around the globe. This is the power of globalization eh ;)

There were few surprises. Some old friend still remembering this day. Oh yes, real friend will remember (sometimes there will be delay also, people in this century is busy, sometimes I do forget friend's birthday too :0 ) Most friend know I am not into big/expensive birthday gift except warm greetings or a birthday song, but there are few small gift of surprised which really light up my day, lavender cake (although I still felt lavender taste like body lotion :p ), lunch, dinner, beach walk with starry night (my first starry night in Penang :D ), and this karaoke card, which arrive today, right on the dot :)

Oh if you are my reading, you will be saying, since when I became John haha :p SSSP and HY I know you will say that :p

Thank you all my friends :) Rememberring this day and a sincere wishes is always the best gift for me :)


Anonymous said...

REMEMBER our date next week since u are fully "booked" since Tuesday.
Next year WP and I will book u earlier :P

Best Regards,

sock peng said...

happy birthday again

yalor, KH also told me: fully booked

skypaul said...


BH said...

Selamat Hari Jadi MK!

**Shih Nyien** said...

right on the dot, that's cool :p
Who is John?

mk said...

TQ CM and SP :D hehe, this week a bit busy...I still wish to go to bed by 10.30 or 11pm :D

谢谢阿保。迟到好过没到,只要有心就好 :D

Terima kasih banyak BH :D

John is my colleague, my colleague will think of him when look at your card :D *chuckle*