Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2009-08-25 (8) Food in Yogyakarta

It's time for some food I taken in Yogyakarta :D The food posted here is not in correct date sequence. Please read all in clockwise direction, starting from top left.

1) McDonald chicken and rice, with its typical cup :) The taste is okay, similar to that in Malaysia.
2) KFC meal set, organic rice with fried chicken. The chicken is similar to crispy fried chicken in Malaysia but not spicy. The organic rice is very delicious. Have not hear someone ever said rice is delicious before? ;) It is fragrant and the texture is good. It reminded me of the nice rice during my Cambodia trip :)

We tried one of the local chain restaurant inside Malioboro Mall as its name shown in poster above. The food are:

1) Nasi .... eei, I can't recalled the name and the receipt is not with me now, no way to check :p I can't remember the taste, it should be normal then ;)
2) Soto ayam rice set. Nice to try once.
3) Fried Kuei Teow. Surprised to see here also got kuei teow. It tasted okay, but I think the one I have in Malaysia is better :)

The food we took at Malioboro Mall food court. I missed out the fried sambal kangkung, that is really good taste.
1) Nice fruit juice. The left most is avocado juice with some chocolate syrup, followed by guava juice, mango juice then, eei sorry I can't remember the name again, I just realize I have not jot down the name, too hungry maybe :) I have not seen that fruit in Malaysia before, bigger size than grapefruit, and the taste is nice, not sour. Highly recommended by the seller. IDR 10K (~RM 3.60) per cup. *drooling*
2) Bakso and other stuffed-meat dish, a bit similar to Yong To Fu of Malaysia.
3) Nasi gado-gado. Frankly I am not in favour of this :p I see most of the l

1) We took a break at Mirota Batik. Another place for souvenir, batik and house deco item. Some merchandise price is acceptable.
2) The coconut juice with added syrup. We did not know they will add red syrup, so when you order coconut in Indonesia, if you remembered to remind them not to add red syrup for you.

1) Some local 'kuih' we bought from road side stall. Similar taste with that of Malaysia, except we will not be given cilipadi in Malaysia *chuckle* So you think you can eat really spicy food? ;)

We dined in Pizza Hut of Malioboro Mall before departed to Yogyakarta airport on the last day.
1) Oh yes, avocado juice again :) If you read notice the story behind it, it is about donating to a kid a day meal through Pizza Hut, if you would like to donate, just mentioned when paying bill and it will be included. The avocado juice is IDR 14K per cup, slightly higher cost than food court, but bigger cup also :)
2) Quadza pizza consist of 4 flavors - meat lovers, classic favorite, supreme and beeforn. The crust is nice, although it is typical Pizza Hut thick crust but it is crispy, much better than that of Malaysia :D IDR 61818 (~RM 22) for large pan pizza crust.
3) We can't finish the pizza, thus have few pieces for take away, the box looks nice :)
4) puff pastry mushroom cream soup, taste okay. IDR 15455 (~RM 5.50).


BH said...

Why so many fast food? So unlike u la :p

mk said...

haha because it was Ramadhan season, manage to find fast food restaurant only :D But pizza is good, and KFC rice also :D