Thursday, October 15, 2009

2009-08-26 (1) Goodbye Yogyakarta

Everything has an end, then only it can be started again. So, today is last day of my Bali + Yogyakarta trip. After our lunch, we departed to airport. It normally cost around IDR 30K- 50K, depending on traffic situation. The traffic was smooth and it is around 20 min drive, which cost around IDR 35K to reach airport.

A quick glance of the airport.

[Blur picture? Click on it for clearer one]

It mostly serve local airline, except Air Asia and Malaysia Airline. After checked-in, we have to wait for around 15 min for the airport tax counter to open. After paid airport tax, which is IDR 100K (~RM 36) per person. Please be reminded to check the airport tax before your trip, the rate has been increasing from time to time. Payment is in cash term only for the moment. After we paid the airport tax, well, hmm, the custom was not opened, we have to wait for another 10 min.

Right after the custom gate is the departure hall, just a room around 900 square feet with only chairs, few TV and toilet. Oh yes, if you think you need food while waiting for the plane, please bring your own food and drink :) Luckily we took lunch and have some biscuit with us, or else we will probably starve to death :p

When I walking to Air Asia plane (Oh yes, you have to walk to the plane regardless which airline you are taking), I saw a very long queue outside of the arrival custom clearance. Look at picture below :)

I remembered I read from some travel forum that the arrival custom officer efficiency far way need to be improved, now I see it with my eyes :) I was taking domestic flight from Bali to Yogyakarta and don't have to go through this :)

Some view of Yogyakarta:

That's the end of my relax holiday vacation. Hope you will have one too ;)
Goodbye Yogyakarta.

PS: Since this is the end of the trip, why is the title marked 2009-08-26 (1)? Stay tuned, this is not the last post yet :D


sock peng said...

so fast is ur last day of trip

mk said...

yalor, time flies, so we must live happily everyday :D