Monday, October 26, 2009

About detox

Some said, beside internet and communication business, next cycle of business opportunity will be health related product. Well, it is undeniable that health awareness is increasing in terms of physical exercise or food. Yoga/pilates, ionizer, water filter system, health care product, gym and lots more. (Can tell by the high jump price in face mask because of the H1N1).

One of the popular practice is Detox. That day a friend asked about the detox diet I'd took, and I would like to share my experience and comment today :)

1. Carrot/Orange juice
Before I started my detox, there was a colleague who tried carrot/orange juice detox formula.

How to do
Her formula is just drink carrot/orange juice (the fruit fiber was separated and not consume) for 1 week. 2-3 days before start, slowly reduce your diet using light diet e.g. porridge and juice. After finish, slowly increase diet by taking light diet again. This is to let the stomach to slowly adapt to the fluid diet changes. According to her, first two days of the diet will be the hardest, but after that you will get used to just drinking juice.

My opinion

I do not dare to try this one at all. I am not confident to live for 7 days with juice with no fiber. Her main purpose is to reduce weight and clean the colon. On the contrary, I want to gain weight. Her opinion is it works well on her body.

2. Plant food only
How to do
Got to know this link from a friend. From the link page 3, it is "A less extreme cleanse involves removing hard-to-digest, unhealthy and/or heavily refined foods from your diet. Avoid caffeine, sugar, fried foods, junk foods, dairy products, meants, starchy foods and processed foods. Focus on eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables - raw is best - 30 grams of fiber, 24 grams of soy protein and no less than 64 ounces of water every day for a minimum of two weeks." Read some of my previous Chinese blog post on this 排毒的第一天 and subsequent day. I didn't follow the recommended product in page 4 of this link, not enough budget :p So I consume only fruits and vegetables for two weeks , either raw or quickly cooked in soup, plus the NutriFresh.

My opinion

I am more comfortable with this less extreme approach. I still remember during the last two days of the detox, my face skin was really soft, less oily although work in air conditioned office all day long, just rinse with water after work and it was clean, no facial product is needed. Unfortunately, I experienced few days diarrhea after that, which could maybe because I seldom take 'hot-nature' vegetable during that period e.g. ginger, pepper, herb/spice. My body is too 'cold' 寒. After knowing this, when I first know Tom Wu fruit/vegetable juice recipe with 'hot-nature' plant e.g. ginger, I have confidence on his recipe in his book 吴永志-不一样的自然养生法. You may also go to youtube and search for some TV video on Tom Wu by key in his name 吴永志 in the search option.

While taking this detox diet, I consumed no rice nor vermicelli (no starchy food), I feel hungry very frequently, almost every two hours, especially I have not known Tom Wu's recipe yet. The lucky thing is I do not have much long meeting during that period, so can eat at my cubicle whenever I felt hungry. I just started this detox again on Oct 24 with some new implementation. I will share this detox experience soon :)

3. Banana Soy Juice
This was popular in Japan some time ago, where there was very high demand on banana at that time :)

How to do
Referring to my blog post
自制豆水, there is a quick summary on this detox method. The summary is translated here:

Day 1 - 2: Consume soy bean juice + banana blend only. 200ml for each meal. Use fresh soy milk and fresh banana. (After discussion with SN, we think it should be okay to take Tom Wu's recipe also, as long as no solid food in these two days.) Recommended to start this during the weekend, as it will be more difficult to do this during working day.

Day 3 - 6: Soy + banana blend for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, you may take normal meal, highly recommended high fiber and more plant food.

Day 7: Soy + banana blend and normal breakfast meal. For lunch and dinner, same as Day 3-6, you may take normal meal, highly recommended high fiber and more plant food.

My opinion

This has some effect on me although it is not as great as Excel-way detox. Especially after every soy + banana blend, there will be healthy nature call. Some of SN's detox experience using this and Tom Wu's recipe. This could be a good option to start with.

4. Master Cleanse
You may wikipedia for more information also.

How to do
Refer to this website for details.

My opinion

I bought the cayenne powder but do not dare to try this yet, same reason with the carrot/orange juice detox method. A colleague tried this and he felt this is really effective in loosing weight. If not mistaken, he did it for the minimum period recommended only.

Hope this is helpful, start to consider detox diet? ;)


Shirley T said...

MK, For Banana + Soy Bean detox - can i eat 1 banana & drink a glass (200 ml) soy bean separately? but in the end, they are blended in there any difference in term out detox result?

mk said...

It is recommended to blend it. If I do not have blender with me (e.g. when in office) I will smash the banana and mix with soy bean juice.

If eat separately I believe less effect as we seldom chew the banana into very fine pieces :)

Synaura said...

Body detoxification is important in order to maximize our energy and to avoid frequent illness, fatigues, pains, depression and loss of concentration.
The Right Place. The Right Time

General Tom said...

Thank you. for information.

mk said...

Thanks for the sharing Synaura.
Np Tom, hope those are helpful :)

Anonymous said...
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