Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Detox - First day

Due to unhealthy diet during Beijing trip, I would like to try plant-food-only detox again. If possible, it should be carried out for two weeks. It is not easy to find 2 weeks for that, where there need to be no long meeting and no gathering/farewell meal.

On Oct 24, I'd decided to start the body cleansing, although there are still few up coming activities but very less.

The meal menu:
I cooked a big bowl of vegetable soup with olive oil [Choy sum, leafy lettuce (油麦菜 Mak Choy), fish meat, wolf berry].
Breakfast: Vegetable soup.
Lunch: Vegetable soup and 2 cups fruit/vegetable juice (whenever I mentioned fruit/vegetable juice, it is from Tom Wu's recipe)
Dinner: Vegetable soup, added more vegetable and asparagus.

Nothing much special. Two toilet output which I sometimes also can achieve by eating more fiber product e.g. psyllium husk.

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