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2009-08-25 (7) Jalan Malioboro

This will be a long blog post, as Jalan Malioboro is considered a long street in Yogyakarta *chuckle* Don't worry, most of the story are composed by picture ;)

Some of the street view:

[Blur picture? Click on it for a clearer one ;) ]

Oh yes, if you follow my Beijing photo in facebook, here is another photo of Bata shop at oversea :D

'Es campur' is some sort like 'ABC' (Ais batu campur) in Malaysia. It is blended ice with some ingredient like red bean, grass jelly, corn, peanut and etc, with some syrup either brown sugar syrup, pepsi-taste syrup, condensed milk on top.

If you would like to try some street food, it is not expensive :) I have no chance to try it, this is one of the limitation travel with seniors :)

Some local biscuit and snack. I always like to taste local food, but not in this trip, I also can't figure out the reason, just don't feel like want to try :)

Taken this while I crossed the road near post office. It took me around 10-20 minutes to walk from Ibis Hotel to Yogyakarta post office near Jalan Malioboro (junction of A. Yani St and P. Senopati St.). I believe you can find Yogyakarta map online easily. Or else left me your email address, I can email a scan copy to you :) Tourist information center is in between Ibis Hotel and post office. The stuff in tourist information center is very friendly, they will be very happy to provide you a street map and explain the direction to you. By the way, post office is called Kantor Pos. A lot of the locals cannot understand post office :)

If you are tired walking, can consider to take bus. It is around 2 stop from Ibis Hotel to Vredeburg Ford stop. I cannot remember the bus fair, it is reasonable :)

The bus stop.

Pay the bus fair before enter the bus stop. There is always officer helping you out especially tourist. We told the him we would like to go post office, and he will tell us to board the bus when it arrived. There are few bus of different route. Interested to find out if the bus stop looks a bit higher than normal one? Look at picture below:

Step on the red-highlighted board to get into the bus. The bus entrance is a bit high, it is hard to get into the bus from the floor :)

We reach the post office before it closed. This is the biggest branch in Yogyakarta. It is comparable to that in Georgetown Penang :) If you would like to send post card in Yogyakarta, there are two options:
1. Buy stamp at stationary shop, e.g. a shop near Ilmu Sari of Jalan Malioboro, then may passed to hotel receptionist to post for you (If your hotel provide such service, Ibis hotel does).
2. Buy the stamp at post office and post there.

I initially would like to try option 1. When I asked for the stamp price, the shopkeeper told me the price is IDR 7500 (~RM 2.70) for one postcard. I remembered I read online it was around IDR 5K, thus I was hesitate to buy, then decided to go to post office, since it is within walking distance. The post office officer explained to me the price vary depending on the country region. to send to Malaysia and Singapore is IDR 5K (~ RM 1.80), to Japan is IDR 6K (~ RM 2.10 ), UK IDR 7.5K (~RM 2.70) and US IDR 8K (~RM 2.90). I wondered if the stationary shopkeeper know about this, or they just want to save the hassle of explaning? Anyway, it has always been good experience to visit local post office. Look at Tom and Jerry first day cover below, very nice right?

Although I am not big fan in stamp collection, but I think this Tom and Jerry set will be nice to have. Surprisingly this set was sold out quite some time ago, as it looks cute. Frankly, I have not feel racist issue here. You may say I have not stay long enough, but.. hmm, just my personal feeling of the racist crisis always being brought up at my motherland especially during voting season.

Saw some student visiting post office before I left :) The school uniform just looks familiar to that what I have had last time in secondary also :D

If you know 德安堂, there is one here at Yogyakarta too :D

Here is the end of a day tour of Jalan Maliobory. Enjoy your day :)

*Due to some human error in scheduling the auto-posting, this post came out the last. Anyway, this posting date will be change to the correct sequence few days later.


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在Jalan Malioboro不会觉得危险。大街上人来人往,熙熙攘攘的。但是我们8点后就没有上街了,多数在Malioboro Mall溜达,吃晚餐。

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Thank you for your effort for putting all these useful information.


我打算住在IbisHotel,租摩托游Jogja City 会方便吗?

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Hello mah.chafm, 我刚刚电邮地图给你了,希望有用 :)

我还没有试过租摩多车呢。不清楚那儿的摩多骑士文化是否还好。那时候我看到的是和大马的骑士差不多一样,但是不敢肯定,毕竟我还没有试过。那儿的tourist information很友善助人,我建议可以问问他们 :)

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