Friday, October 9, 2009

2009-08-25 (4) Borobudur, again

After visiting museums, we went to Borobudur again.

[Click on picture for clearer version]

Some construction is going on. Renovation work, hopefully.

As if you read somewhere, the lowest level was extended maybe due to some construction reason. A corner was left uncovered, maybe to show that there are carving and panel on the wall.

The monk who visit this temple, read the wall story, to increase their understanding of Buddhism. So I called this temple a Book of Buddhism, although it doesn't has any word on it but pictures.

After that, we need to get ready for checked-out. Goodbye Borobudur. If you understand mandarin, here is the name for Borobudur 婆罗浮屠.


Chu Dori said...

it's very nice picture...

I come from Yogyakarta, thanks for coming to my hometown. Please visit my blog ya..

mk said...

Thanks :) Surely will.