Sunday, October 11, 2009

2009-08-25 (6) Malioboro Mall

From Ibis Hotel lobby, there is an entrance to Malioboro Mall. When we go to Ibis Hotel from Malioboro Mall using this entrance, we need to go through security check. I forgot to mention, when the taxi enter the hotel lobby to drop us, the taxi need to go through security checking also.

Here is how the mall looks like:

[Click on picture for clearer version]

There is a food court in this mall. We went to this food court for lunch. Most of the restaurants outside the mall are closed, because it was Ramadhan month... Well, there were also McDonald, KFC, Pizza Hut and some restaurant inside the mall are opened too. I will post some of the food picture at other blog post :)

There is also Luwak Coffee cafe there, I can't remember how much is the price, at least USD4 for a cup of Luwak Coffee (if not mistaken is USD 8). We went to Hero departmental store at lower ground floor to get some drinking water and biscuit. 1.5 liter mineral water is around IDR 3K (~RM 1). There is also a Speedy video shop, which we bought a documentary discs on Borobudur temple filmed by National Geographic channel.

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