Sunday, October 4, 2009

2009-08-24 (3) Borobudur, Yogyakarta

After brunch, we walked to Candi Borobudur. The ticket looks very nice, I remembered I taken shots of the Borobudur temple ticket that Manohara Hotel provided, but I can't find it :p Anyway, keep the ticket and show to the security guard if they ever requested :)

There is recommendation on how to visit the temple, some of the tips are captured from tourism brochure below which is very brief, more detail explanation is available from the notice board before entering the temple. Unfortunately when I was there, only Malay language version is available. I guess the officer expecting foreigner to hire tour guide :p Anyway, it's good to grew up in Malaysia, can read Malay, English, maybe Mandarin and Tamil :D The notice board is too old and fade which I can't get any good picture out of it. Hopefully there is better version during your visit :)

[Click on picture for clearer version]

At floor with story panel, carving are available on the walls (which was called panel or decorative, please read the tourism brochure or google/blackle/bing for more information ;) )

I think around half of the panels are still in good condition, quite clear. But unfortunately, like Angkor Wat's carving, some started to erode. At night when I watch the documentary video in hotel room, the carving few years back is even clearer. Hopefully it will be preserved well :) By the way, another benefit of staying in Manohara hotel is that a documentary video of around 20 minutes will be play repeatedly on TV channel 17. I would strongly recommend to watch it, so when visiting the temple, you will be able to understand some of the panel story. Usually a person who heard of Siddhartha story will be able to understand some story too :)

The main entrance view from top. If we come from Manohara Hotel, will be using another entrance instead.

Some of the Buddha head was chopped off...sigh... I read from the brochure, there are 4 type of Buddha sitting style statute. Unfortunately I read the brochure on my flight back to Kuala Lumpur thus have no chance to verify, hopefully you will have the chance to ;)

The main stupa:

Stupa. Can you see the white hat tourist taking picture? Now you know the stupa size :D

Inside stupa, there is Buddha statute inside. I am not sure if stupa below was purposely taken to show the Buddha statute or if it is originally like that :)

As read from the brochure, stupa is used to keep something important.

The panoramic view of Borobudur. [The enlarge version here is a bit blur, click on each photo for clearer version :D )

A miniature of Borobudur temple at Manohara Hotel.

If you had visited Angkor Wat, this temple might be disappointing if you are expecting huge and impressive building. I took around 2 hours to finish the temple (maybe I will take longer time if hire a tour guide who can tell more stories ;) ) In my point of view, this temple is impressive of its value and its environment. Maybe nearby this Borobudur park are natural scenery e.g. volcano, field, mountains and clear sky, so I felt I can 'connect' to the nature and the temple spirit here better than Angkor Wat. The soul will be calmed, back to the original you :)

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