Tuesday, January 12, 2010

D' Food Garden, D' Piazza Mall, Penang

Yes, we went to D' Piazza again for lunch :p No harm to try for friend gathering ;)

This time we go to D' Food Garden, next to Demax Restaurant. On the menu it says 无火烹饪 健康养生 Healthy Recipe. As according to the waitress they are using induction cooker to prepare to food, not gas, thus 无火. But is it really healthier? Maybe, have to google to find out more.

Guess what is the noodle below?

It is Lai Fun 濑粉 (In the menu it say 中国粉 Chinese spaghetti). Well, it is quite okay, especially if is here in Penang, I seldom see Lai Fun here. And it is quite 'chewy' too, which few of us like its texture. Lai Fun in dry sauce is quite nice, I feel some Ipoh noodle taste (I feel it is seldom to see noodle in dry sauce here). As for the soup base called 打烂碗, I will probably request less pepper powder next time. Oh by the way, there is Hor Hee 河嘻 in the menu too, I will give it a try next time ;) Lai Fun is RM 5.90 for ala carte, RM 7.90 for set with a cup of apple juice/dessert.

If you see Tomyam Laksa, what will you think? D' Food Garden, it means laksa noodle in tomyam soup ;) Spicy food lover can give it a try, RM 5.90.

Below is spicy prawn chicken rice 酸辣鸡虾饭 RM 8.90. Since the tomyam is quite nice, one can finish the rice very easily :D I always like rice with some sesame, it make the food looks nicer, and in fact healthier. SS was surprised I can finish the rice so fast, it was all because of the spicy tomyam soup ;)

If you wish to have some dessert, PP tried the yam sagu soup 芋头西米露 RM 3.80. She said quite nice, grant with yam taste.

When we pay the bill, the waitress mention to us there is no service charge, no government tax. Well, that is very good for us consumer, and I can say that their service is quite good too, friendly waitress :)

The address:
D'Piazza Mall,
70-1-26, Jalan Mahsuri,
11900 Bayan Baru,

There is no other contact information on the menu, can't help ;)


sock peng said...

我去过了Home cafe

skypaul said...


**Shih Nyien** said...

D'Piazza, a new place?? Seems like you eat a lot recently :p and not cheap though, or was a std price in Penang now :O

mk said...

哈哈。目前为止都去完了,home cafe也去了2次。
我最近比较忙,没时间翻译人体使用手册,所以放食物是最快的了 :p

Shih nyien, D' piazza is just next to mayang mall, show u next time when you in penang :D Recently those kind of restaurant price is like that since old town got popular... But I feel the portion is getting smaller...

skypaul said...


Anonymous said...

We are apologizing for those customer come to our shop.....our management change already...We would like to thank you give us the good and bad comment.
We will do the best and hope you give us a chance.
Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

welcome to taste our new menu.thanks

Anonymous said...

where is it....can you show me the location?

mk said...

I'd attached a map, originally taken from Google map, added with my illustration. Look at the blue box.

Hope this helps.