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UMHB: Chapter 2 - Human body hardware construction

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I hope you can still recall human body consists of hardware, software and network systems. Let's discuss more on hardware structure of human body.

All 11 Zang organs 脏 has a correspond network, including XinBao Jing. XinBao 心包 is between heart and the heart outer protecting layer, its correspond meridian is XinBao Jing. Adding in the Ren Mai 任脉 at front of human body, and Du Mai 督脉 at the back of body, there are in total 14 MCS (Meridian and Collaterals System) 经络.

Each Zang is then correspond to a Fu 腑, lung with colon, heart with intestine, liver with gallbladder, spleen with stomach, kidney with bladder, SanJiao 三焦 with XinBao.

These relationship seems illogical if we have no TCM knowledge. In TCM, Cold Qi 寒气 can goes into DaChang (Colon) Jing 大肠经, while from western medication, coldness is caused by lung, which is in respiratory system, should not have any relationship with digestive system of DaChang (Colon) Jing. In anatomy, these two organs are totally irrelevant. From MCS, we will find DaChang Jing and Fei (Lung) Jing 肺经 are closely related.

Beside these correspond relationship, there is also Interactively Produce and Restrain 相生相克 relationship. In TCM, it was categorize using Five Elements 五行. heart is Fire element, liver is Wood, spleen is Earth, lung is Metal, kidney is Water. [MK: Found this website] The Five Element relationship need to be at a balance point. If either Zang organ is too strong/weak, the balance point is broken. For example, the symptoms caused by Heart Fire Excessive 心火太旺, could be hot weather in summer; or insufficient of kidney Qi 肾气不足 in winter, where the Water cannot withstand the Fire element; or liver Qi 肝气 increased during spring, Wood produce Fire. These relationship and condition is very complicated. A good TCM practitioner will take few years or maybe few tenth years to govern it. If one govern it, he will be able to diagnose a disease quickly and thus the cure will be fast.

Let's take another example. For a common numb/pain of lateral of leg, western medication will usually say this is caused by spur. Well, if we look into it deeper, the pain/numb is located at Dan (bile/gallbladder) Jing 胆经, which is because there is too much Cold Qi inside human body, caused the lung to be Hot. Lung is Metal, gallbladder is Wood, Metal restraining Wood which means lung restraining gallbladder. To cure, just press ChiZe Xue 尺泽穴 for a minute, disclose the lung Hotness, the pain/numb will be gone too. But this is only curing the symptom. To cure the root cause, one should clear the lung Hotness, so that the gallbladder will no longer be impacted, then only the numb/pain will goes away forever.

Although it is hard to govern Five Element theory, but if we change to a healthy living style to increase Blood Qi 血气, human body repair system will work and eventually human body will be healthym, although this will take longer time, and we might need to suffer the pain for longer time. So no worries if you cannot understand Five Elements, we can still learn the correct way of using human body without that.

A lot of unknown root cause pain is probably pain of MCS. When Zang organ doesn't has enough energy, then only caused pain of MCS. If it is not severe, one will not feel it without pressing it. When it is severe, it will be painful without pressing. Thus if there is any pain on MCS, get a chart of MCS, find the location of MCS, and massage it. This will usually relief the painfulness.

Some people get hand/leg sprain easily, which we thought is usually collision or accident , where is not really true. It is usually is the correspond Zang organ is not healthy.

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