Friday, January 8, 2010

KBox Karaoke @ Ipoh Jaya Jusco

If you wish to sing karaoke in Ipoh, there is no Red Box nor Neway, you may consider KBox karaoke. It is a chain karaoke store. We went to the one in Jaya Jusco Kinta City Ipoh.

The shop open on 12pm. We went to the per head charges package, RM 21++ for adult, RM 13 for student (present your student card during registration), minimum 2 tidbit at RM 3 each for 4 person, then you may sing for 3 hours.

The first time we went, the room is nice, and each person is given a wireless mic. The second time we went, we got an older room with only 3 wire mic, and the room is icy cold! If you are in doubt, look at their TV screen below. We requested the blanket, but still I felt I am in hibernate mode because of the coldness and not much mood to sing :p

In overall, the song selection interface is quite user friendly. There are some new song, quite updated. But english song selection is usually lesser, as that of RedBox also. As for the service, still okay.

More information on KBox Karaoke


sock peng said...

when is our karaoke session ?

Ying Lin said...

KBox in JJ Kinta City
some of the latest English songs there are in MTV version only. :(

mk said...

Sock peng, hopefully soon after Hooi Ling come back :D Neway is coming soon also ;)
ying lin, we enjoyed your umbrella though ;)

Washatawa said...

The best place to do Online Karaoke is on Disco Lights Website! It's free and you can even request your favourite song on by following @discolightsuk Hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

i just wanted to know is there any vip room just for 2 pax??

mk said...

Hi washatawa, there is room for 2 pax.