Wednesday, January 13, 2010

和记 Georgetown

After climb staircase (it was raining thus we have to cancel Bukit Jambul hiking :( ), we wish to get some food at town. I remembered just read about white curry, so we drove there. I mixed up the road name thus calling KH for help, then only I know the Hot Bowl is not open for dinner *blush*. He recommended us to try 和记, somewhere near the red dot, near Lebuh Campbell Rolex. It is just next to the famous Bak Zhang 粽子 shop, if you heard of it.

Here is the shop outlook, thanks to SP :D

We ordered fish head vermicelli鱼头米粉 for each of us. You have a choice on the vermicelli, thin or thick. We chosen the thick one.

The chili is in oil and soy sauce, a bit different from other shop's.

I was using handphone camera to capture the picture (PP started to think to charge me camera fee :p ) and the picture is not so clear. The vermicelli looks not much, but there were quite a lot of fish meat, around 10 pieces if remember correctly. Since the vermicelli is not much, before we finish the noodle, we ordered another plate of fried Yuan Yang 炒鸳鸯 to share.

After finish the vermicelli, we felt very full, under estimated the amount of fish meat. Anyway, the soup base is very nice, but we felt the vermicelli is not so good, a bit rough. In overall, it is still a thumb up.

Then we were struggling to finish the fried Yuan Yang below.

In fact, the fried Yuan Yang is very nice. Like Cantonese always people say, 够锅气. Oh if you are from Ipoh or KL, Penang fried Yuan Yang is very different from your place :p

2 vermicelli vermicelli and 1 fried Yuan Yang cost RM 17.

Another friend recommend to try the chicken porridge at the opposite shop next time :)


sock peng said...

迟一点, 我弄了给你

mk said...


Shirley T said...

mk - yes, my friend also recommend the opposite shop for porridge but I have not yet tried. If not mistaken, only avail for dinner.

mk said...

Shirley, we can go together when you and your Significant back here :D

osk said...

Notice your photo's quality improve tremendously. Now can smell the food by just looking, nice!

mk said...

hehe some tips here How to make picture posted to blogpost not so blurry

sock peng said...


mk said...

haha, no wonder :p will read after you post it ;)