Sunday, January 17, 2010

Raining picture of Penang, Malaysia

If you are from Malaysia or other tropical country, this is common for you.

For country with four seasons, it is not common to have rain fall suddenly, it is maybe not common to have it over a particular place only :) If you have not experience it, hope picture below can give you some idea.

Picture with clear sky.

In a short while, the rain fall. Can you notice the rain? The mountain is not visible at all ;) This is tropical weather and I like it

Unfortunately due to global warming, the teamperature has rose a few degree. Come on my friends and readers, let's work together to make the earth greener. 'Don't kill our mother' [Avatar]


NG YIH YOUNG said...

agreed. dont kill our mother.

**Shih Nyien** said...

Actually those of the special scene that you can only take when you are in a condo, hehe, landed property cannot see this :) Noce picture!

mk said...

yeah, less air-cond, more car pool.
(nod) if stay at landed property will seldom take a look at outside view also, to prevent robbery :p