Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some thoughts from BWF Malaysia Open Super Series 2010

1) If you did watch the men single final tournament of BWF Malaysia Open Super Series 2010, I guess you should have probably watch the scene Dato Lee Chong Wei happy face, and pointing to Malaysia flag logo on his T-shirt. If you notice, during the match, there were a lot of Malaysian, (regardless of race) cheering, swinging flag and gave supports. This is where I see 1Malaysia spirit. A lot of things works well, until became 'politic-ized".

2) When I was young (sounds like the song Yesterday once more? :p ) Let me rephrase, when I was in secondary, I can watch badminton tournament via TV1, TV2 and TV3 at home, FOC. Today, the TV channel reception has been so poor that we must install Astro to be able to watch even local TV channels. Malaysia want to step towards 2020, but why are these services and some policy is moving backwards? Hopefully 明天会更好。


**Shih Nyien** said...

U mean u cannot receive TV1/2/3 in your Condo? How come so bad? I have no problem when I was there. Would it be antenna problem?

mk said...

I mean my hometown at Perak :)

skypaul said...

2020 is just 10 years ahead us. the vision 2020 will be tahun 2020 by then. even the GTP can't speed up the thing.