Monday, January 18, 2010

The Islander Buffet, Trader's Hotel

If you do not know, Shangri-La Hotel at Magazine Road was renamed to Traders Hotel.

Few colleagues got promoted, and great thanks to them for treating us at Traders Hotel The Islander lunch buffet :D

The hotel lobby, and left is the entrance of The Islander.

Clockwise from top left. The salad bar, main course bar, Sushi corner, and the entrance.

The dessert bar and a close up of salad bar. Look at the fresh alfafa *drool*

Some food I took. I feel the porridge with duck soup base is nice. I like the sambal asparagus too, and the stir fried vegetables. Thumbs up to the roasted duck. My colleauge wish to take the roasted duck booth but was stopped by the worker there. They stopped us from taking any photo after few shots above. My colleague like the duck thigh, I think the duck breast meat is nice also ;)

A colleague paid to order a cup of latte RM 12. He said it is very good. If he is going to make latte his own, with the same color of below, he will not be able to taste the coffee because too much milk. But the latte is good that it still have coffee taste, which he like it a bit bitter ;)

Lastly, my favorites tiramisu. Two cups for me :p SN, this is different from the one we had about 5 years ago because this is on the salad bar, no extra charge. I should have check the menu if a cup of tiramisu is still RM 15. This tiramisu is still okay I feel. Although it doesn't has alcohol (since it need to be halal), the biscuit inside is coated with a thin layer of chocolate, which give the bitter taste to the a bit sweet cream. Oh I am not expert in preparing tiramisu, it's IV who told me those :p Maybe I should learn how to do tiramisu ;)

The price is RM 45 per head count. My colleague is using Citibank credit card which is entitled for 25% discount, which is then around RM 33 per person. Oh remember to get the chop for your parking ticket too. We need not to pay any parking fee.

Comparing this lunch buffet with E&O Sarkie's Corner's, hmm, this is cheaper, with less choices. Sarkie's Corner has sashimi, more seafood, raw oyster, scallop, nicer sushi. The Islander has tiramisu, better salad bar, and more economic. I think my comparison will not be fair, you do it by yourself ;) It's up to you what you want and to balance between $ and food.

Address: Magazine Road, 10300 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: (60 4) 262 2622
Fax: (60 4) 262 6526


sock peng said...

after discount , the price is quite reasonable

mk said...

Hehe, not much sour food so not so temping For small eaters like us, ok lar. some colleague prefer to pay additional RM 9 for E&O buffet.