Thursday, January 7, 2010

One hour stir fried noodle 怡保一小时炒粉 @ Sun Seng Fatt Ipoh 怡保新成发

When SN asked what food I wish to take, I promptly answer Wat Dan Hor滑蛋河. This is a kind of stir fried Hor Fun with egg, a picture of it will be shown later. This is one of the food that I can never find in Penang till now. SN mom recommend us to go to this One hour stir fried noodle near Central coffee shop or Hotel Excelsior. They told me this, no matter what time you reach the shop, it will take you an hour for your order to be served. The shop name is 新成发 Sun Seng Fatt in Cantonese, Xin Cheng Fa in Mandarin.

The chef.

We reached about 8.30pm, the shop is almost full. [Oh yea for health purpose I usually finish my dinner before 8pm but there are exception case during travel/wedding dinner :D ] Half of the table are not served. I saw quite a few people were reading newspaper or books. For us, we just chit-chatting with long time no see old friends :) Well, we were mentally prepared to wait for an hour. When they serve your table with bowl/chopstick below, it is a good news, indicating your noodle will be served very soon in less than 15 min!

The Wat Dan Hor for 2 person, we already taken some. I don't know how to describe the taste, it is so smooth, and the taste is just nice, as what Cantonese people usually like to say 够锅气. It definitely worth for the 1 hour waiting in occasion.

The fried beehoon (vermicelli) which tasted good too, and not too oily.

At night, the shop open around 7pm, you may place your order, but the hawker take about an hour to prepare to start the business, so the first order will be served around after an hour. All subsequent order will take around 1 hour to be served too. We timed, the food was served after 1 hour, usually right on the dot, interesting eh, how the chef count the time :p If you would like to order the food for take away, remember to place the order together with your order, or 1 hour before you leave :D

I am sorry I cannot find the address now. It is somewhere near Hotel Excelsior and Central restaurant 中央茶餐食。


**Shih Nyien** said...

MK, the link that u put is another shop, that one is for Ipoh 鸡丝河粉@ 旧街场. We been there before, but is not the same shop as the Yat Gou Zhong Chao Fen :) Yum yum!

mk said...

Aiyo I didn't read in detail. Will remove the link and address :p
Thanks for informing ya.

Ying Lin said...

Ipoh Food
I like the food in this restaurant, 超赞!

mk said...

welcome my fren :D