Friday, January 22, 2010

Kuta Bali Hawker Center 古老巴厘, Paya Terubong, Penang

My colleague told me Chameleon 变色龙 hawker center is now changed to Kuta Bali.

You may sit at the hut next at the side.

The hawker center is all around the whole hawker center, walk a round before make my decision on the food :D

Finally ordered sizzling noodle 铁板伊面. RM 3.50 if no egg. When I am almost done, found a gua zi in the noodle. Hmm, why is there a gua zi in there?

SP ordered Thai style fried kuey teow 泰式炒粿条 RM 5. She felt this is not so nice, the koay teow is not soft.

Vietnamese rice paper roll 越南米纸春卷RM 3, the sauce is localized. The vegetables inside the roll is quite fresh.

PP ordered Char Hor Fun 炒河粉, still oka

The fried oyster 'Or Jian' 耗煎'. Not too many 生粉 ,still okay.

There is a parking next to the hawker center, can try get parking there before park at the roadside.

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Issac Chung said...

Ready more toilet paper (roll) b4 u take the hakka mee at kuta bali. The beansprout fall on the floor, they stil used without washing it. Look yucksss...