Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Woolley Food City, Ipoh, Perak

Similar to Penang, Ipoh is famous with nice food. In my opinion, I like food in both city. I like Penang Char Koay Teow 槟城炒粿条 and Lo Bak卤肉, I like Ipoh Hor Fun怡保河粉, curry noodle咖哩面, Wat Dan Hor (Fried Hor Fun with egg)滑蛋河,been sprout芽菜, wantan noodle云吞面 and etc. And lots more :D

One of the famous hawker center is called Woolley Food City near Ipoh Garden. It has been famous for more than 15 years. My friend brought me here again after my last visit of more than 8 years ago. Then only I realize it has a new modern look, cleaner and brighter.

We were here for the famous curry noodle Tuk Kee Prawn Mee Curry Mee德记虾面咖哩面.

In Ipoh, it is common to have dry noodle, which is noodle in black soy sauce, beside soup noodle. Similarly, there is also dry curry noodle. I ordered soup curry noodle. The few drop of lime juice add better taste to the curry noodle. I like chewy vermicelli too. I preferred Ipoh style curry compared to Penang curry, which is more fragrant and not only spiciness.

My favorites drink in Ipoh is soy bean juice, usually is freshly made, which is harder to be found in Penang. Sometimes I also like to order 黑白 soy bean juice mix with cincau. Notice on the grassjelly (cincau), it is sliced long and thin, which is very easy to be drink with the straw. Not all drink seller will slice it that way, some will cut it into cube which is not easy to eat/drink with.

That hawker center is opened for breakfast and lunch. At night, the outside hawker stall as in picture below will attract a lot of diner.

Some direction and details can be found here
"Ipoh Garden South, Ipoh, Perak
Coming from Jusco towards Hospital Fatimah on Jalan Dato Lau Pak Khuan, opposite the hospital is a Shell petrol station on your left. Turn left into the road next to the station. Go straight into a vast parking lot. Woolley is situated facing the parking lot."

* Almost forgot, parking system in Ipoh is coupon-based. Go to nearby stall to get parking coupon, if not mistaken is RM 0.40 (or RM 0.60) per hour. Ipoh city council officer is very hardworking in patrolling to check for violation. The summon is RM 20-30 if not mistaken.


Shirley T said...

In my food-stalking list! MK, What else are good there? Can't wait to go.

mk said...

My friend know only the curry noodle :p I will put more if other Ipoh friend know :D

Tee Ying Lin said...

The summon is RM20. Don't forget to pay the parking fee although it is Saturday.

mk said...

Sigh... RM 20 flies away just like that :p
Have to find a way to pay back to EE.

**Shih Nyien** said...

Wah What happen?? how come kena summon?

mk said...

We *thought* Sat no need to pay parking, and thus didn't buy any parking coupon :p