Saturday, January 30, 2010

Welcome to Toast Master

If you ever think speaking skills is a nature talent, I guess a lot of successful people will tell you, It is not a gift but effort. Yes, I believe anyone can speak, can speak well if they put in effort to learn and improve themselves, as if anyone can walk, can dance :D

There are many ways to learn public speaking skills, read book, join public speaking class/training, e.g. Toast Master.

Upon singing up, you will receive a welcome kit. For my case, the kit is sent from US to Malaysia, took around two weeks upon signed up. If not mistaken, the sign up fee is around RM 80. (Forgive this forgetful lady who can't remember well ;) ) Then you have to pay club fee which vary depending on which club you joined.

There are few booklet inside to guide you on how to get started, including some skills sharing.

I joined a Mandarin club, thus some booklet is in Mandarin.

Let's speak.


Shirley T said...

MK, Great to hear you join TM. Yes.. can't agree more, it is the ultimate channel to polish public speaking!

mk said...

The previous one I joined has no more class, and my friend recommend me to TM :D Are you a member too?