Friday, January 15, 2010

Teeramisu cake house's tiramisu

If you are aware of the kiosk behind Home Cafe at D' Piazza Mall, one of it is in operation, which is Teeramisu cake house.

The shopkeeper offer us few small pieces of cheese cake to try. The cheese cake is a bit chewy. Oh yes, I feel it chewy, try it out if you wish to get what I mean. Well, depends on individual preference, I feel the Tiramisu cake is quite ok, the texture is quite nice, and it has the bitter taste, probably Kahlua?Not sure what the owner is using. (Some tiramisu cake outside just taste sweet, and sweet) Anyway, it is RM 6.50 per slice, RM 6 during 10% promotion period until 28 Feb 2010.

Sorry, PP camera's phone has no macro mode :p

Ground Floor -143B

In the website, it contains location details, contacts and also cake list with image.


BH said...

MK, this shop's owners are my colleague and her bf :)

mk said...

wow I called your friend once to check on the open hour :p hehe can give more feedback then :p

Shirley T said...

Seem D'Piazza has plenty of choices for food! Hopefully more noises and crowds would get that venue advancing. any shops worth trying?

mk said...

I saw ur home cafe post I think you know what you like there :D

Put aside the price, I feel D' Food Garden,
Bayan Place has some food which I like.
As for Demax, yet to try few more times to find out my preferences there :D