Sunday, January 3, 2010

UMHB: Chapter 2 - What is Meridian and Collaterals System 经络 (2)

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[MK: There are few more research and explanation on the scientific proof of existence of Meridian and Collaterals System (MCS). Since a lot of technical terms are involved, I think my translation will not be accurate and I would like to skip those. In short, author is trying to illustrate on the existence of this system.]

Organism evolve from mono-cell, which doesn't has brain but tissue cells. Not all organism has brain. This means that it is not brain to control inter-organ functionality and operation but probably MCS.

In terms of computer system term, human body is not a single CPU system, but multiple of CPU system connected via high speed connection system. Brain is just one of those system. This could be one of the explanation in TCM brain is never included in the definition of Five Zang Six Fu.

Current western medication is built upon anatomy findings. MCS cannot be discovered in anatomy due to technology limitation in the past. Recently, some research results revealed the existence of MCS. This is similar to a tree observation where only leaf is seen but trunk. Using another example, when we look at a computer system, we can see only the hardware but left out the software.

[MK: The author also shown some research result on the existence of MCS. Due to my limitation on those technical term translation, I do not plan to put it here. If you are interested to take a look, please read the mandarin book :p ]


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